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    Hi, I’m reposting this in the hopes that I might get a response before the next week starts. Sorry to be a pest! Thanks

    I am finishing up my last week of Level 2 Maintenance pace based training.
    Will be starting my 18-week Marathon Level 2 Pace-based plan the week of Dec 12 to prepare for the 2023 Boston Marathon on April 17.
    So I currently have an “empty” week between the end of Maintenance and the start of Marathon training.
    My question is whether I should leave that week “free” to take a break before I start the 18 week slog?
    Or if I should repeat a week of maintenance training, so there is no “gap?”
    Thanks I’m advance for your advice!


    Hi Josh,

    I’m not sure what the coaches would say, but it really is up to you what to do that week. Personally, I take the week of from running when I am faced with a situation like yours. However, I do do some easy cycling sessions just to keep my legs moving, but nothing outside zone 1. I find the rest and easy bike rides help me recover and prepare the legs for the 18 weeks ahead. You can also repeat the first week of the marathon plan during the gap week if you don’t want to take the time off.

    Hope that helps,

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Hi Josh,

    Sorry I missed this the first time. Our maintenance plans are designed to be used flexibly. Because they have athletes training at a maintenance level, there is no need to take a break, especially when you are transitioning to week 1 of a race-focused plan, where the training load will be you. A break won’t hurt you, but if I were you I would repeat one of the last three weeks of the maintenance plan.

    Coach Matt

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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