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    I should be logging run mileage at 60+km/wk, but I’m not. Harsh weather and no access to a treadmill has literally eliminated run mileage for three weeks. I have substituted indoor cycling that mimics the run workouts and I am still close to the projected TSS for my 1/2 Marathon plan.

    I’m inclined to continue and migrate back to running as the weather improves in the next couple of weeks, and run my planned 1/2 Marathon in April, but, only if it furthers my long term goals. My primary goals for the next 18 months are high performance at the 5K & 10K distances.

    I feel I am benefiting from the cycling workout, but should I adjust now?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    I suggest you begin the process of migrating back to running and then assess, basing your final decision on whether to go through with the April half on how your body reacts to the reintroduction of repetitive impact. If it’s a relatively smooth transition, I see no reason not to go forward with the half given that you’ve done a nice job of preserving your fitness through cross-training.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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