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    Hello, i would like to ask your guidance on what plan to start and when to switch.
    Background: I’m 55 and training for 3 years after recovering from 4 bypasses.
    I did 4 Sprint triathlons last year all which I completed pretty easy.
    3 times I finished in the middle and one as last man standing 😉
    This year I would like to push it a bit and set some unrealistic goals like; not finishing last, no heart attack during the race, enjoying the bike, running strong and not starting in 30°.
    My race planning sofar = A=finish feeling good C=just reach finish, no drama.
    3.06.23 Sprint(C) in 15weeks
    25.06.23 Sprint(A) in 18weeks
    8.07.23 Sprint(C)
    6.08.23 Sprint(C)
    20.08.23 Sprint(C)
    3.09.23 Sprint(A)
    9.09.23 Olympic(C) in 29weeks
    1.10.23 Olympic(A) in 32weeks
    20.10.23 70.3(C) in 35weeks
    My question= with which trainingsplan would you advise me to start and when would I switch plans ?
    My fitness level is now 1.5km swim 30min, 5k running in 32min, 10k in 1h10, bike ftp 150. Sorry for the long read, hope you have experience with this.
    cheers, Ronald

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    David Warden

    68, congrats on your return to training and I wish you the best in your continued recovery.

    I would definitely switch to the 70.3 plan ~18 weeks before that event date, so maybe right after the June Sprint A race. Every other event between then and the 70.3 is a training day.

    Of course, I note that your Oly on Oct 1 is an A race, but that is incompatible with the 70.3 3 weeks later. Sure, the 70.3 is a C race, but you really should not participate in a 70.3 using Oly training, you really need a 70.3 plan. You can certainly adjust the week of the Oly race to taper a little bit and still have a great performance.

    If the Sprint and Oly A races are really A races, it may be best to drop the 70.3 altogether, as it dominates the training requirements.



    Hello David,
    Thanks for your feedback, i’m now onboarding with a 80/20 Triathlon: 2022 Edition Olympic Level 0 plan !

    I choose an Olympic plan to get a fair amount of training in and then use the Sprint events as an extended trainingday.

    Later, if still standing 😉 I’ll switch to the 70.3 plan as you suggested.

    thanks again and all the best,

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