FTP/Zone Adjustment near end of plan

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    In your plan text, you state that a CT ride is a good chance to evaluate your training zones.

    So FTP history, 6 weeks ago, I was 305 ftp on my road bike and change to my tribike with a new bike fitting, and tested a ftp of 285. My Zone 2 HR (80/20 chart) is 138 to 151. Zone 3 is 160 to 168.

    I’m in the last three weeks of my L0+ training plan and just did a CT3 ride last week (Everything indoor on the trainer). During the last 20mins of the 30min tempo interval, I averaged 270 watts but my HR averaged 139 with a max of 151 (didn’t leave Zone 2 HR). The session felt fairly easy compared to previous CT sessions. I had some time & energy, so I tried a free ride immediately afterwards and averaged 300 watts for 20min with avg HR of 153 (max 165HR), and that wasn’t a 100% effort…it was tough but not last 2 minutes of a ramp test taste blood tough….say 90% effort maybe.

    My personal and training schedule is pretty full for the next 3 weeks before (race day), so I don’t know if have time for an ftp test unless I toss it in the final taper week. Should or how would you adjust the training (power) zones of the final few weeks before race day? This week being the biggest of the training plan.

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