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    Looking for tips on dialing in my race pace for a full IM. I read somewhere they are moving away from the chart but, I’m not sure why. I understand everyone is different, what are some methods of dialing in and confirming power numbers leading up to a race. (IE) confirming heart rate after longer workouts isn’t drifting too high.

    I saw a method that recommended 275 TSS as a bike goal but my results seemed too low in my opinion.

    Race Calculator: Ironman Lake Placid

    Would it be recommended to do a 70.3 test day a few weeks out?


    That’s an interesting question – I always used a 70.3 as a gauge, and it was usually pretty close. On my last ironman, I had a 20 minute mechanical so, not as close. I did find this https://www.runtri.com/2010/08/ironman-vs-half-ironman-factors-for.html#:~:text=Expect%20your%20full%20ironman%20swim,ironman%20time%20of%2012%3A35..

    Did you look at your plan a couple of weeks before the race to see what it had you doing? I have not yet looked at mine. When I was not using an 80/20 plan, my coach would usually have me do a 70.3 a couple of weeks before to help figure this out and hone it in. I’ll be interested in this response (from someone smarter than me).

    David Warden

    We address this in our document Race Pacing on our Resources page. It really depends on how aggressive you want to be, how much risk you want to accept, and how you performed in training. A “typical” IM athlete will be in mid Zone 2 (in the 80/20 system).


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