Garmin 965 V 945 V Apple 8 for Power Based Plans

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    I’m a happy user of the Garmin 945 + Stryd for Power based running plans (currently HM L2). The 965 is in stock (was out of stock in the UK for a few months) and I am tempted. Its shiny, but the main point would be to be able to use navigation with Power based runs – you cant with Stryd.

    Im thinking of upgrading to the 965 and note others on the forum have done so. How are you getting on with it?

    The alternative is an Apple Series 8 45MM. This has better integration with my iPhone but I am concerned about battery life – I dont want to have to remember to charge it up before my evening run or after my lunch time 10K- I had to do that with my first gen Samsung watch.

    Any opinions appreciated.

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