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    For those who use garmin watches. What do you do when you get the notification message on the watch that you have exceeded the maximum number of workouts and some workouts are not able to be imported?

    I know we can delete them on the watch but that can also have the unintended effect of deleting schedule workouts from training peaks that have the same workout (multiple foundation runs). Do you just look and see if there are some workouts that are no longer on your plan from earlier weeks and get rid of those from the watch? What are the best ways you have found to deal with this problem when it happens?


    Are you trying to manually download workouts? Not sure how to handle that.

    I got this message several times on my watch but I never had an issue with TP downloading my daily workouts when I was doing my Tri plan. Even though the message would show up, my daily workouts were still there everyday according to plan.


    When I got this I just deleted a bunch of workouts with no I’ll effects.


    Interesting. Last time I deleted workouts it messed up calendar things. I don’t manually import anythying, that’s what training peaks is for. The fact that Bstarr got the message and the workouts were still there gives me hope that maybe training peaks will push out old things and bring in new things as needed. I’ll try that the next time I get that warning.


    It’s not an issue.

    What you are seeing is the difference between Garmin and Training Peaks. Training Peaks can handle your whole workout plan which can be months of workouts. Garmin, on the other hand only accepts 25 workouts – if you open your Garmin Connect Calendar you will see what workouts are available on your watch.

    Each time you sync your watch any adjustments to installed workouts will be updated.

    I just ignore the message.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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