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    I am sure it’s a more a Garmin or TrainingPeaks issue but someone can tell me if it has successfully been able to use a running workout based on power with a Garmin watch? I have a fenix 6 + HRM, I can see my power in my “normal” data screen but in the workout data screen there is no power indicated and so I can not easily see if I am in the right power interval.

    Anyone has any idea??
    thanks a lot!!



    This is a known issue with Garnin and the Workout App. The system will only display power in the workout app from bike workouts. There are a few discussions on the forum about this very issue.

    The workaround is switch the workout type to a bike workout and then edit after completed.

    You can also utilize the 80/20 ConnectIQ zone fields. You just need to know what zone you are supposed to be in.

    A third is to get a Stryd and use the Stryd Workout App.😉🤣

    There are some other ConnectIQ fields/Apps that I know exist but haven’t used.


    I recently moved from using Stryd power to Garmin when I got a FR 965 ( ).

    I don’t know how similar the Fenix 6 is to the FR 965 but I did have some problems to begin with similar to what you describe. It seemed to make a big difference how I initially selected the workout to begin with. i.e. Scrolling through and selecting, or accepting it when it automagically appeared as an offering. I can’t recall what worked and didn’t work, but next time I do one I’ll make an effort to note the steps I took. I’m still new to my new watch and Garmin power and I’ll probably hit this problem again, but I definitely had it working and it worked well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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