Gran Fondo or TT – to mimic Triathlon Plan?

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    I used the 80/20 HIM Level 2 plan this past spring/summer to prepare for my first 70.3 triathlon race in September 2023. I want to focus on cycling this offseason and am debating between purchasing a Gran Fondo plan vs. a 40k TT plan (Level 1) to use in Dec-Feb before starting the 19-week 80/20 HIM plan in March.

    The sample week of the Gran Fondo & 40k TT plan look very similar. Is there a way I can analyze which plan would be better for my goals before purchasing? I know I will be doing 3 Olympic distance triathlons in summer 2024, and am leaning toward another 70.3 in September 2024. My goals are to increase my FTP, build aerobic endurance on the bike, and ultimately get faster bike splits / race times for both Olympic and 70.3 distance. If I do a 70.3, that will be my “A” race.

    My main concern is if the 40k TT has more % of time in higher intensity zones than i will ride on an olympic (near threshold) or 70.3 (Zone X) triathlon – if that makes sense. Thanks!


    It sounds like the Gran Fondo might be the way to go given the goals you have laid out for next season.  Building your endurance, working on bike skills, etc are all key elements to focus on during the off season.  the 40K would also work to improve fitness to a degree; however, the lower mileage may not be exactly what you are looking for during this off season.

    Did you know that 80/20 has a virtual cycling community?   You can use this link to join us and try it out for 2 weeks at no charge.

    The Velocity platform is amazing and will help any rider at any skill level, improve their cycling year round!

    Happy training!

    Coach Anne


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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