Half Ironman into Marathon in 10 Weeks


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    I am looking to do the Disney Marathon as my first full in January of 2025. If I followed the plan as written, my tri season would end in August. However I would like to race North Carolina in Mid October, which would leave ~11 weeks between NC70.3 and Disney on Jan 4th.


    Is it reasonable to pick up the Marathon training plan from week 13 (allowing a week for active recovery) in the level 3 training plan? Or should I modify the 70.3 plan to extend the long runs?


    Longest run to date is a half marathon, but my marathon goal is to finish strong, not necessarily fast, as it would be to check the box in preparation for a full IM the following year. Target marathon pace is around 10:30 based on my last HIM run split of 9:55. Normal Half Marathon pace is around 9:20/mile.


    North Carolina is definitely the A race between the 2 of them. It was the first 70.3 I completed so I want to go back and see how much time I can cut after 3 years.



    11 weeks between a 70.3 and a marathon is not impossible but may take a bit of planning.

    Looking at the dates, it would mean that you would be taking 2 weeks to recover from the 70.3 which brings us to 9 weeks of training.   Allow about 2 weeks for a taper going in to the marathon and you’re down to 7 weeks of increasing mileage, recovery weeks etc.  Focusing on the 70.3 distance would be the best plan without increasing your run mileage to accommodate the marathon in January.

    Disney is a great marathon!  Hope you have a great race!

    Coach Anne

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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