Half Ironman Level 3, extend to 22 weeks for C and B races

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    Although B and C races are suggested in recovery weeks 18 and 14, I have some schedule limitations. To overcome this situation, I plan to extend my plan from 21 to 22 weeks. Any comments about the following approach? Thanks in advanced!

    – Week 14: C race  (8/32/4km duathlon) in Sunday. It will be roughly a 1:30 effort. Workouts in Saturday and Sunday might be shifted to be one day earlier in order to leave space for the race in Sunday. I guess no special recovery needed afterwards beyond shifting easy workouts at the beginning of week 15 and maybe taking 1:30 off hard workouts (kind of a half recovery week).

    – Week 18: B race (1,9/90/21km half ironman) in Sunday. Maybe do tappering same as week 21 in original 21 week plan (last week). Some doubts regarding week 19 though. I could do a half recovery week  including the last 3 days same as week 19 in original plan (I tend to recover fast). Then, week 20 would be same as week 19 in original plan.

    – Week 22: A race  (1,9/90/21km half ironman) in Saturday. 2024 Spanish championship in my home city. I could qualify for the 2025 European championship if I am within the top 25 folks in my age group. It will be in my home town too, quite a life time opportunity 🙂

    Any support would be very much appreciated!



    While it’s always best to follow the plan as closely as possible, sometimes life gets in the way.  Shortening recovery weeks typically isn’t my recommendation since that recovery time is key to your training.

    From this time line it appears that you are doing 2 half ironman events within 4 weeks of each other.  I would recommend that you focus on your A race, which seems to be the race in week 22.  Racing a B race of the same distance a few weeks prior to your A race will most likely have some negative impact on that A race.

    I hope that makes sense!

    Happy training !

    Coach Anne



    Thanks a lot!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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