Half-marathon vs shorter tri as a prep for 70.3 beginner

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    This September I got interested into tris and gave myself a goal of doing 70.3 next September.

    I’m pretty much overweight (BMI 34+) and was never able to run more than a couple of minutes at the time. I think I’m decent on the bike for a beginner, as long as it’s flat. But the half-marathon part of the 70.3 definitely looks the scariest out of the 3.

    I’ve started with a Level 1 10k training plan in September and doing my first 10k in a month, I’m seeing a decent progress and am able to run for the first time in my life, although very very slow, 8:30+ min/km pace for Z2 runs. I really enjoy 80/20 plans and would like to continue my training using those.

    I know I want to dedicate a training block for 70.3 training, but those seem to be 18w long, so that would be May-September for me. I’m definitely planning on doing a trial Sprint/Oly as a part of that training block.

    I’m not sure what to do before that:

    1. Dedicate another block to running, doing a half-marathon in March/April and then easing into other sports before starting the 70.3 training
    2. Start with tri training ASAP, doing a full 16-week Oly training block

    I could replace some of the foundation runs in HM plan with cycling and add some swim workouts while doing the HM plan, since the plan is a bit less time intensive compared to Oly.

    I see the benefits of both approaches, tri training would help me progress in all the sports, but I’m not sure the running volume in those is enough to give me confidence that I’ll be able to do a HM as a part of 70.3. Focusing on running would definitely give me confidence that I could do the distance, but that means less time to improve swimming/biking.

    Any thoughts? Am I approaching all of this in a sensible way at all?


    Congratulations on your journey!  You have a lot of exciting things planned.

    Once you have conquered your 10K, I would recommend you switch your focus over to triathlon since that is ultimately your end goal.  Within your training plan, you will focus on all 3 sports and begin to build that confidence.

    Since you mentioned you are not a strong cyclist, be sure to check out our newly launched Velocity platform for indoor cycling rides.  Those rides will allow you to build strength and bike skills that will be key to being more confident on the bike.   You can try it out using this link: http://app.vqvelocity.com/join?a=cjimhi

    Feel free to reach out to us if you need help with plan selection!


    Coach Anne

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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