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    Hi everyone,

    great forum you have here!

    Short question from my side: I am using the training plans from the book 80/20 running. So far I used heart rate to control the training. However, I would like to switch to power using stryd. The zones on stryd are based on critical power and not on lactate thresshold. Would it be still ok to use the trainings from the book but to use power instead of heartrate? For example: Foundation run 6 includes a 35 minute run in Zone 2, i.e. 81-89% of the lactate threshold. Would this be the same as a 35 minute run within a power zone of 81-89% of the critical power. I fear not because lactate threshold and critical power are not the same but I hope anyone got an good idea. 🙂


    David Warden

    Manuel, thank you for using our plans. The answer is yes, and no. Yes, you can use the plans from the book 80/20 Running and use Power. No, you can’t use the threshold heartrate zones for power zones, the %s are not quite the same. But, you can use our running Power zones at https://www.8020endurance.com/8020-zone-calculator/ (make sure you change the setting from Cycling to Running). Put in your critical power in the power section, and then when the book calls for “Zone 2” you would use your 80/20 Power zone 2.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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