Help to change Event date and peak of a programme on Training Peaks

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    I am working towards a Half Ironman event which was on the 5th February 2021 however this event looks unlikely to go ahead. I have found another event that is the 5th March 2021 and subsequently I need to prolong my training 4 weeks. I have 2 questions (I’ve tried to search the forums and the Training Peaks FAQ but havent found answers to the first one);

    1. If I reapply the programme with the new end date will it go back all 21 weeks and delete my history from previous start date (12th Sept) to now? Will everything from now until Feb remain and then I’ll have to identify which is which and delete? I’ve worked out how to do this manually but its a long way and a fair few hours work.

    2. What should I do with the 4 extra weeks I now have, just jump back in the programme 4 weeks and repeat or should I wait for maybe a rest week before jumping back the 4 weeks? Or even something else?

    I am currently training on the following programme
    80/20 Triathlon: 2020 Edition IRONMAN 70.3® Level 3 (Run HR and Bike Power, 7 to 15 Hours per Week)
    21 Weeks (started 12th Sept 2020 on Training Peaks)

    I’m sure this has been asked before and if so if someone couldnt point me in the right direction of the search term or thread.



    David Warden


    1. Unapplying and reapplying plan is very safe. Only past incomplete workouts and future incomplete workouts are removed. Any past completed workouts will remain. The only cosmetic issue is that new past incomplete workouts are added. For example, if you load a plan to end on March 5, and the plan would have started on October 5, then you’ll have 7 weeks of “incomplete” workouts from October 5 to today. Those do have to be hunted down and removed if you want a completely clean calendar.

    2. With so much time between now and March, I’d just jump back into the plan wherever the new end date places you. However, you should not have 5 weeks of build without a rest week. Meaning, 2 straight weeks of rest weeks is fine, and up to 4 straight weeks of “regular” build is fine, but if you just finished 2 weeks of “regular” build and the new plan date has you with 3 new weeks of build, that’s too much, you need a rest week in there somewhere. If so, just throw in the same rest week you just did to break up those 5 weeks, and then start the plan where it is at.



    Thanks a lot David, the TP process was surprisingly painfree but certainly glad I checked first. I’ve taken a full week of total rest (except swimming sessions) after doing a 215km cycle event last weekend so keen to get back onto the programme again tomorrow.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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