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    I did hill reps 10x30s, rest 1×30
    on a 10% incline 8 reps and the last 2 reps on 8% and all at 18km/h (3’20/km).
    And the maximum heart rate I reached in this training was 184bpm, and the average maximum was over 172bpm.

    The average power of these 10 reps was 595w, between 171-190% CP.
    Did I do right?

    And what slope to give for 60s of ascents and what speed to put on?
    I’m wondering if it’s better to lower the incline and run at the same speed or leave the incline and lower the speed.

    But IF and TSS do not match, why and what else can I do to make them match?





    David Warden

    Crash, this workout appears to be performed exactly right. But, by “exactly right” there is still a lot of flexibility in performing the workout. You could have performed all at 400 watts and still done it “exactly right”. The main point is that you did not do it wrong.

    The best way to perform this, and all intervals, is to have the intervals be at the maximum intensity you can sustain for the interval duration (in this case 1 minute) and repeat that same intensity for all intervals. In other words, it’s better to perform all Zone 5 intervals at 500 watts than intervals at 550, 490, 501, 480, 500 and 530.

    Speed and grade are up to you. Remember, these are intended for hills in a natural environment which means they could be hills at 2% or 20% incline. The right grade is based on your treadmills capabilities and your tolerance for incline.

    Regarding IF and TSS, if you are talking about TSS and IF matching directly, they will never match, they are two different metrics. If you are talking about the Predicted TSS and Completed TSS not matching, they will almost never match either. TP is not yet sophisticated enough to accurately predict either TSS nor IF, it’s just a guess. Sometimes it guesses well, and sometimes it guesses badly.


    Thanks for you response.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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