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    Hi Matt, Hi David!

    I love your plans and I use them since some years. Now planning a HM end of may with under 2h and in Oktober to crack my PB of 1:55. I am running with the new stryd and use the auto calculated Critical Power. Last week I ran a 7k (not completely all out in 35min) and my Critical Power rose from 187W to 198W (62kg). WKO says about the same 201W MFTP. But now the trainings are really hard, so I want to know, how hard should my training today (RCV4) feel? I was able to run the @CV Intervalls at the low end of the range, but it feels more all out then controlled. The second training was the RHR37, a hill repetition. I do not have a hill in running distance, so I have done it on the flat and I was not able to run it in the middle of the range, I could manage the lowest end (with more like all out). So my question is, can I use the critical power vom Stryd for the FTP and how should Intervalls feel and what if no hill is reachable. Thanks for your Trainingsplan, they are worth the money.

    Kind regards Peter



    I also use Stryd. Are you using a Power based 8020 plan? If so the critical Power generated by Stryd cant be used for the 80/20 system. You need to do a time trial as explained here

    David Warden

    pkral, FatDad, is correct, we don’t recommend the auto calculation from Stryd, and instead we recommend you override Stryd’s auto calculation with an explicit and static value from field testing. The link that FatDad provides will explain why.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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