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    I am running the Brighton Half Marathon on Sunday (the only race I run). There will be thousands of runners Stryd tells me that 288W (the bottom of Z3 for me) will get me a 2:02:23 +/- 3 min time. I would really like under 2 hours.

    Last year I ran with a target range on my watch of 294-285 and achieved average of 295 and 2:04:44.

    I am going to use a race plan for the first time and was thinking of:
    Get just ahead of the 2H pace marker in the line up so I am over taken more than blocked by slower folk
    0-1KM 270-286 W as the pack thins out and I warm up (1 degree C expected)
    1-18K 286-296W
    18- 21K – 290-300W
    21-22K – 100000W!
    I’m 56 with a BMI of 29.7. Does the above seem reasonable?

    Many thanks in advance


    Sound like you are there. Good Luck!

    If you are going for time, you might want to set up a workout on your watch for pace.

    My last race I created a pace based workout at 87% – 90% threshold pace (I just needed a time to qualify for another race). This gave me a constant report on my progress (average pace) and I would step up or back down as necessary. Finished within seconds of my objective.


    Thanks Charles. I’m a bit worried about switching to pace as I have been training using power and the course is a bit hilly.

    Leyla Porteous

    Hey Fatdad,

    Matt wrote a great resource on race pacing that might help you take a different approach to your pacing for your upcoming event.

    How to Set a Good Race Time Goal

    Have a read through and if you have any additional questions let us know.

    Coach Leyla


    Many thanks.

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