How to Adjust Marathon Plan for COVID


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    I was supposed to start my 18 week (Masters Level 1 plan) build to NYC this week, but I came down with COVID.

    I understand the CDC’s return to play guidelines and have no plans to force this. It will take however long it takes to get back.

    What I am looking for is advice on how to adjust the plan when I’m ready to start training again. Do I just skip the first week or so and pick up where I would have been if I had started on time? Do you recommend dropping there intense runs down to foundation runs for the first couple of weeks when coming back?


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    Hi Brian,

    How to adjust as it will depend on a number of factors including how much you were running before COVID, how long it takes to recover. However, you probably want to start with week 1 when you do return to keep it a bit easier. If you only miss a week, then you can probably start with week two assuming you’ve been running consistently before COVID. Another suggestion would be to start on week 3 (assuming it takes you two weeks to recover, and I hope it does not) as its a transition week with lower volume (with a masters plan and the 9 day micro cycle maybe there isn’t a down week per se? I am not sure). The coaches will probably have much better advice than this, however.

    I wish you a speedy recovery and see you on Staten Island on November 5!


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    Thanks for the thoughtful response. I seem to be getting back to health pretty quickly and I was able to do a 30 min top of Z1 jog today. I plan to take it pretty easy and keep the intensity out of the runs for a couple of weeks, but hoping to get the full time on my feet starting next week.

    See you in November!


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