How to Execute Endurance Runs

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    I would like to confirm how to execute the Endurance Runs in my Marathon Level 1 programme. The guidance is for Zone 2, and to finish feeling like one _could_ accelerate at the end. What is not clear is whether or not the Zone 2 segment should be run in the same way as Foundation Runs, i.e., to RPE of 3.

    What I am second-guessing is whether there is a difference between Endurance and Foundation Runs. The former is about completing the distance in Zone 2 with capacity to spare, whereas the other is to get the mileage in any Zone?



    Hi James, I always treat them the same. Endurance run is just a longer foundation run. Both run in Zone 2, both easy, conversational pace with the feeling like you could have gone faster.


    Thanks Don. Keen to hear other views too. It strikes me that to finish a 25km run still with RPE of 3 would mean starting incredibly slowly.

    David Warden

    James, this is a great observation.

    There is a difference between Foundation and Endurance runs from the author perspective. Foundation runs are to be performed nice and easy, RPE of 3 on a scale of 1-10 which would be the low end of Zone 2, even high Zone 1 is acceptable. Endurance runs can be any point within Zone 2.

    But, this is a really fine distinction. If you ran both in the middle of Zone 2, that’s a success for either type. The fine print is to distinguish them.



    Thanks for confirming David, and in time for tomorrow’s 25km Endurance Run!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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