I can’t master the CCIs

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    I have started the lvl1 70.3 Triathlon plan mid February and it has been quite hard. But after eight weeks I feel like I have gotten on top of things. All in all I am progressing really well and am happy with where I am.

    But… I just can’t master the CCIs and struggle real hard with going through the 4x6mins… My FTP isn’t really high so it’s not like the Watts are too demanding per se. Because I can pull the same numbers over longer time doing the tempo-workouts but the cruising intervals just kill me. Latest on the 3rd interval I need to adjust down to 90% or less.

    How should I go forward about that? Does it make more sense to just reduce the number of intervals to three or keep adjusting the numbers down to where I can somehow manage them? Also because afterwards I don’t have the legs anymore to power through the follow up Zone2 work. Given the CCIs are described as such a powerful workout, it’s quite disheartening to repeatedly being unable to master them.

    Am happy for any inputs! Thanks!

    Matt Fitzgerald

    We’re not big fans of ERG mode here at 80/20 Endurance. I don’t want enumerate all the things I don’t like about it here, but to answer your specific question, I recommend you take yourself out of ERG mode for this workout and make full use of Zone 3. You may well find that allowing yourself to freely adjust your effort based on how you’re feeling allows you to record a higher average power with less strain.


    Thank you Matt!
    I’ll try that and will get back to you on how it worked out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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