IM 2024 PLAN(s) for SUB 10Hours August 2024

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    Hi, sorry if I posted in wrong topic, just finished my second IM in Copenhagen last Sunday. Using 80/20 plans for 3 years for IM full distance, turning 50 next year and now it’s time to go sub 10hr on the distance, now around 11h, so need to gain 1h to reach my goal đŸ™‚ there is 1 year to event? I have purchased the “level 2 Ironman” for the 23 weeks prior to the event. Plan is to do the following before “main event”.

    2 – ½IM
    2 – Marathon
    2 – ½Marathon

    Goals for IM August 2024

    – Swim around the 1h
    – Bike around the 5h
    – Run around the 3:30h

    I’m very good sticking to plans :-), but do you recommend to get a Coach for this?

    Regards Bo Denmark



    Congratulations on your IM Copenhagen finish!

    Looking at your projected goal, and knowing you have some time to get ready for your next goal, I believe a coach would be perfect for your journey. A coach can help keep you on track and perhaps even point out some areas where you may have some inconsistencies. I truly believe another set of eyes on a training plan is always a good idea.

    80/20 offers many different coaching opportunities, including some 1:1 options that may benefit you. Of course, no coach can “Guarantee” a sub 10 hour IM but we can definitely offer some support along the way! Please let us know if you have any questions on our coaching opportunities!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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