IM Level 1 — Swapping Weekday Long Run for Weekend Run

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    I am going to be starting the IM Level 1 plan for my A race next year. I am going to have a hard time completing a 2+ hr run on a Thursday as the plan prescribes a few times.

    Is it better to split the workout up and do the little bit of speed work in the AM followed by the remainder of the easy part of run in the PM..OR..Just switch it to Sunday and complete Long Bike on Saturday.

    So instead of:
    Th — Long Run

    Fri — Long swim/EZ Bike

    Sat — Short Swim

    Sun — Long bike/brick

    Rearrange to:

    Th — EZ Bike

    Fri — Long Swim

    Sat — Long Bike/Brick

    Sun — Short Swim/Long Run


    Would that structure work for those weeks?


    Looking at the changes you suggested, I think this format would work out ok.  We recognize that time constraints are prevalent so rearranging the workouts throughout the week is normal.

    Happy Training!


    Coach Anne

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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