Incorporating more swim volume in a L1 tri plan

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    Getting ready to begin my L1 plan for my HIM race this year. Have been doing a L1 maintenance plan and have looked at the tri plan. I’d like to increase my swim volume. I get that swim gains are fairly insignificant in the total picture but it’s the 1 phase where I’m a top 10 maybe 5 age grouper so a great swim is a priority for me.

    I plan on adding a 4th swim workout to each week varying the workout to maintain the 80/20 ratio. With respect to the workouts in the plan, can I simply pick another plan from the workout in the same category to increase yardage a bit. Say if the plan has a SCI1 can I simply choose any of the other SCI workouts to add, say, another 500 yards to the day? Do I need to try to keep the workout similar to what’s in the plan. Using the SCI1 example. If the main set is 5×100, should I sub an SCI2 with a similar 5×100 main or is it OK to replace it with a SCI8 with a 5X200 main.

    David Warden

    B, I think that you’ll find our Swim Strong plans are exactly what you are looking for. See The Level 0 and 1 plans can be added on top of any Triathlon plan to increase your frequency, duration, and technique while maintaining the 80/20 ratios.

    However, you’re proposal is a good one. Simply replace a similar coded workout with a longer workout of the same “family.” Yes, the 80/20 ratios (which are actually 75/25 in distance for swimming) might be slightly off, but that’s very minor amount.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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