Incorrectly executed Lactate Intervals (running)

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    Hi team,

    Ran this LIR2 (Lactate Intervals Run) workout today. I missed the instruction saying “Complete these segments at a pace you could sustain for 15 minutes in race conditions.” and I went for the upper end of the zone 4 and ran essentially the same speed as I did for RLS17 (Speed Intervals Run) workout earlier this week, where it said: “Z5 Run these segments at a pace you feel you could sustain for about 3 minutes”

    Needless to say – it was way too hard today and I couldn’t keep the power up for the few final reps.

    Am I right in that the intended purpose – to boost aerobic capacity – was compromised? Was my effort completely wasted or what benefits can I draw from this?

    I saw that I don’t have any such workout further down the line in my plan and wonder if I should find some time to do it again at some point.


    Leyla Porteous

    No training session is ever truly a wasted effort. By going on the upper end of the workout you did make the session a little bit harder than intended and due to going a little too hard this did result in a drop off in effort in the last few intervals. By the sounds of it you still got a good workout in, and achieved the intention of the workout (working those upper zones) and the 20% of the 80/20 approach. You also got a great learning opportunity about your pacing and efforts in zone 4 vs zone 5 – nothing wasted.

    I’m not sure what plan you are on or which week you are up to, but usually there is a couple of versions of these intervals in each plan. I am sure you will get another opportunity to do some speed and lactate intervals again and you will arrive a lot more tuned in on your effort and pacing next time! Remember that these intervals in both of these workouts are short enough that you need to rely on RPE more than the watch data.


    Excellent – great to read!

    Thank you for your answer Leyla!

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