Indoor vs Outdoor Zone Sets

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    If I do my FTP test indoors on my trainer, and then do the bulk of my training on my trainer, then the LTHR and threshold watts from the test should work. For the FTP test should i be using the Net Power or Average Power for the 10 mins + 20 mins? The book mentions “average watts”, but is net power not better if a rider isn’t nailing a single wattage level the whole test?

    But what should I expect as an adjustment for outdoor rides? Is there a rule of thumb for adjustments from indoor test results to outdoor rides, or from outdoor test results to indoor rides?

    And are there any decent ways to manage these different Zone sets in Garmin, or 8020 zones (connect IQ), or TrainingPeaks? In other words, if I have “my zones” from all of the testing and training I do inside, and then I go outside for a bike workout, how do I make my Garmin show me the zones and watts (and heart rate) I actually should be in during the outdoor ride?

    Then for running, same stuff – what adjustments to make from an indoor rFTP, LTHR, and TP results to outdoor efforts, and from an outdoor test results to indoor efforts? And how to see the adjusted Zones properly on a Garmin 945…


    Just a comment re running adjustments…

    I see no difference in my pace/HR correlation between running indoors on a curved manual treadmill, powered treadmill set to an incline of 2%, and my outdoor running when compared to the normalized graded pacing. Outdoor hrTSS is usually lower unless I am on an absolutely flat course.

    The difference between rTSS and hrTSS appears to be the way Training Peaks makes adjustments for the normalized pace, but I could be mistaken.

    I recently upgraded to the 945, and the 80/20 workouts have automatically accepted the Training Peaks zones so I can follow the objectives on the watch during workouts with no problems.

    I know nothing regarding running with a power meter…

    David Warden

    @Charles: agreed, the coupling between HR and Pace don’t change indoor to outdoor too much, but I think what Ted is asking about the relationship between indoor and outdoor intensities in isolation.

    @Ted, I think “net” power is the same as “normalized” power, and if so, then yes net is superior to average and should be used to determine FTP.

    Rule of thumb is that indoor is 10-15 watts lower than outdoor. It’s not just a physiological response, it’s also less energy from imperfections in the road that some devices absorb as additional power.

    Indoor HR is about 5-10 beats lower for bike and run.

    I don’t have a bead on indoor pace compared to outdoor pace, because every treadmill is so different. Some athletes are faster on a treadmill than outside, and some are slower.

    Unfortunately, there is no easy way to transition your zones on a device from indoor to outdoor. You either change your zones in TP, or just adjust on the fly. I think we’ll get there some day between the device and the platform, just not here yet.



    Sorry yes meant Normalized Power


    You can always rund up to higher value .. lets be honest +/- 5W is anyway hard to hit and keep const.

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