Injury bench/what makes sense 7 weeks from my A race?

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    Hey –

    I am slightly freaking out over here. I‘m 7 weeks from race day – my first trail marathon, 1500vm – and currently training on a Level 1 Marathon Plan after finishing a Level 0 Marathon plan at the end of April. I took a few weeks off to recover and then started on the new plan, it‘s been mostly smooth sailing (training by power, usually hitting my zones exactly), except I got sick a few weeks ago (non-Covid-respiratory and sinus infection), was too stubborn to take a few days off and instead trained slightly sick for weeks, recovering worse and worse, until I relented, took four days off and finally got healthy again. I missed about a week on the plan but it was an “easy” week so I didn’t repeat it.

    Then yesterday in what I can only describe as a freak accident I injured my knee *sitting down and doing nothing*. Yes. My husband, too impatient for me to hold the ladder, fell off said ladder in the kitchen, tumbled into the kitchen table, this fell over too and pushed the couch table into my knees hard where I was sitting on the couch.
    He’s fine. He’s also an idiot.
    It hit me right into the patella tendon which HURT, felt terrible, and now there’s a sizeable bruise with swelling and pain.

    Anyway, it hurts all day so when my kids let me I put the leg up and ice the knee. I debated with myself whether to try running today anyway and decided against it.

    It’s probably just a matter of a few days of rest, ice and waiting since it basically can’t be more than a bruise.
    But I am struggling with how to move forward. Take the whole week off, try running as soon as it hurts… less? Do I repeat this week, or last week and this week (this week is a “ramp up” week)? Do I just move on?
    And if I do repeat weeks, is there an elegant way to do this in TrainingPeaks?


    Matt Fitzgerald

    If there’s any way you can possibly cross-train while your bruise heels, do so. Generally, you can’t make a bruise worse by running, so feel free to start running again when it’s still a bit painful to do so. Resume the plan as soon as you can and assess whether it has left you behind fitness-wise due to all of the missed days and training while sick. If the harder days are too hard, shorten them as much as necessary to ensure they’re not overwhelming. This is kind of a compromise between moving backward and moving on.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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