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    I’m in the middle of my Intermediate Half-Marathon plan and I have nagging knee pain that I can no longer ignore.  It would usually go away after 5 minutes into my run but not today.

    I plan to ride my trainer for a full week to see if I can recover and restart my training pain-free.  What should I do with respect to my plan as I will need to ease back into it and I don’t think I should start it over as I have a good training base.  Should I delete my plan and restart it in the past?  I don’t want to move several weeks of workouts manually.  Or should I just leave my plan in place and ease in and not follow the interval training days until I can ensure my injury is healed fully?

    I’ve never had knee problems before… but it may be due to too much stain because it is hilly where I live now and running downhill – especially during an interval –  may be the problem.

    Thanks in advance!


    Sorry to hear you are dealing with knee issues!   Cycling is a great way to keep your fitness level up while healing from an injury.

    When you feel like you are ready to come back to the plan, I would definitely ease back in to the plan with shorter and easier efforts, then if you are truly healed, add in more volume and intensity.  A good focus on stretching and foam rolling may also help!

    Hope you heal quickly!

    Coach Anne

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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