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    I’m using the HR-based endurance plan. During the rest phase of an interval repeat, especially for high intensity short intervals, it takes a while for my HR to get back down to the desired target rate for the rest period. Fx, if the rest period is 2 minutes at zone 1, it may take me 1:30 while walking to get my heart rate back into zone 1, before I’m able to run again whilst still keeping my HR in zone 1.

    So, should I just immediately run at my normal zone 1 pace/intensity, regardless of the HR, even if it never get my HR fully back down to the target zone? Or, primarily focus on getting my HR down into the correct zone for as much of the rest period as possible?



    For intervals rest you would focus on running in your zone 1 intensity and pace immediately. Just like your HR will most likely not reach the full zone 4/5 in short intervals due to cardiac lag, it won’t come down quickly either. These short rests aren’t part of the 80% easy anyway due to exactly what you describe. The intervals as a whole are considered moderate/hard for the 80/20 balance


    80/20 Certified Coach



    Thanks, Gerald. That’s what I was hoping for. 🙂

    I did a workout this morning with the following structure:

    5:00 in Zone 1
    10:00 in Zone 2
    5 x 4:00 @ CV/2:00 in Zone 1
    15:00 in Zone 1

    And so, during the 2 min rest period, I just ran at my normal zone 1 intensity/pace. However, in doing so, I was never able to get my heart rate back down into zone 1 before the next interval started. Is this okay?




    That’s to be expected.


    Okay, thanks again. What made me a bit confused what this pre-activity comment on the RCV5 (Critical Velocity Run).

    “Also pay attention to your pace in the Zone 1 recovery segments. If you find yourself slowing down in these as the workout progresses, you may be running the CV segments too fast.”

    So, this made me wonder if the rest pace was expected to be adjusted to fit the target HR zone?


    OK, what that is saying is that you should be able to maintain the same pace for all the segments. If you find that you are getting tired and slowing down due to fatigue as you do each, it’s a possible sign that you went too hard on the zone 5 section.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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