Ironman Level 4 Training Plan

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    Capt. Jakub

    Hi, I am just curious. Theoretically in case somebody want to prepare “Ironman Plan – Level 4 or 5”:

    Such plan level 4 or 5 will have only increased total volume for each intensity?
    [e.g. +20% for low intensity and +20% for high intensity intervals]
    In order to stay closely aligned with 80/20 structure.


    The plan will be with increased low intensity part only?
    [e.g. +30% for low intensity part] In order to reach desired TSS.


    The plan will be with added intervals of high intensity only?

    Just wondering how to achieve some numbers, based on elite ultra-triathletes declared training volumes 20+ hours a week and 1000+ TSS a week.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    The intensity balance is approximately the same at all levels. Everything scales proportionally.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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Capt. Jakub

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