Is a Garmin watch the only compatible wearable for TrainingPeaks Run + swim?

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    I have spent a while going around the internet looking to see if anyone has worked out whether or not anyone has had any success using TrainingPeaks structured workouts for run or swim with a non Garmin device. It feels like it’s not currently possible to have a decent experience without dropping cash on a mid to top tier Garmin watch?

    Options I’ve seen:

    iSmoothRun – Max 5 HR zones, pace based possible but obviously HR is best, manual export of .fit files from TP to app.

    Intervals Pro – I’ve emailed the developer and they might support importing .fit into the app in the future but nothing concrete.

    TrainingPeaks have said (back in 2017, so might be different now?) that they’re not interested in building an app for Apple Watch.

    Swift developers – this is your time to shine maybe?


    Hi omonk_, I use a Wahoo Rival watch and integration with TrainingPeaks works very well. This also includes automatic sync of swim workouts (something not yet supported by Garmin as far as I know).

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