Is there a meaningful benefit of Stryd over Garmin power?

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    I’m into my second Maintenance Tri program (Power/Power) before an IM program starting in Feb 23. When I started with 8020/Training Peaks I invested in a Stryd footpod. I also have a Garmin Forerunner 945 and HRM Pro Plus chest strap. I use the Stryd running app on my garmin and it works well.

    I’ve had the Stryd a few months and I’m not sure how robust it is. I have a hunch it may pack up in the months ahead. I’ve been looking at the new Stryd pod but not sure whether I want to continue with it.

    My understanding of running with power is that there’s a fair bit of variation in the numbers across vendors. My take-away from that is that I’m not that bothered about absolute numbers, their values and meaning, but what MY numbers are, and how they trend over time.

    With that in mind, I’m thinking of investigating Garmin power and using that. I find it easier to wear the chest strap and I don’t need to charge it and attach it to my running shoes every time.

    I guess I’m thinking long term, and that if I do decide to switch to using Garmin only, it would be best to think about doing it now in the early stages of my training, rather than 80% way through an IM program.

    So the short question is, are there any significant benefits of using Stryd over Garmin for training on power on 8020?



    I can’t speak to anything other than running. We are using the same technology. I prefer STRYD and wear the pod for all of my runs Two reasons:

    First, is consistency, As you point out there are differences in the two systems and the data can become confused if you are using the data for stress tracking.

    Second, I find the STRYD Power Center useful for post analysis. I run different distances, and the Power Center Training Distribution report can give (in my opinion) a pretty good summary of where I am, and how I got there. Each of the 80/20 Plans has a different focus depending on goal or distance and for experienced runners the analysis can provide an indication of individual strengths and weaknesses for possible focus during the off season or customization of your next training segment.

    I’m not planning to upgrade my STRYD. I’m sure there are significant advantages to the new POD, but for me I have all I need…


    Thanks for your insights. It’s useful. I’m probably overthinking this. I have a simple system with Stryd. I like the simplicity of the app. Having recently got a Garmin HRM-Pro plus strap, which is approaching half the price of a Stryd foot-pod, I was wondering what the Stryd does that the HRM doesn’t. I think I’m just a little uneasy about being outside the Garmin eco-system, but that’s not particularly rational. At the moment the setup I have works fine, so if it ain’t broke …


    if you are happy with the Garmin HRM-Pro Plus then great. I have not done a comparison, but Stryd gives you a load of stats that I am not sure how a device not on your foot could give you. I of course do not know what half of the stats mean and only look at a few.

    The Garmin is, I expect, better integrated into the Garmin watch and you will get a better user experience; having said that I am happy with the Stryd Workout app (although it could be improved for us oldies who don’t have 20/20 vision).

    I treated myself to a new Stryd (sold the other old one on eBay) and I have to say there is zero difference for me. It has a new clip – but I never had an issue with the old one; it has a faster sample rate – but I use the recommended 3 second smoothing; and it has run profiles – might be of use of you use a tread mill or running off road up hill on windy roads but neither apply to me.

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