Is there enough Run time in my plan?

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    I’m on the full distance IM level 2 plan. There are 3 runs per week in the plan. I am currently running on average somewhere between 1030-1045per mile pace on average when you take in all run workouts. Is there going to be enough mileage in this program for me to effectively run a sub 430 marathon? I know it’s a very generic question, but just curious on general thoughts.

    David Warden


    This plan has been proven to include “enough” run training for a “typical” athlete, but it does depend on the athlete. Obviously, a marathon plan would have much more running, but also obviously, you can’t run 8 hours a week in an IM plan. We do rely on the cycling to supplement a lot of that fitness.

    If you think you might need more running, you really have two options: replace some of the cycling with running, maybe another hour per week. Or, add running on top of the existing plan. Both have risks/rewards.



    Thanks David, I’ll stick to the current plan. This is probably the best I felt during a block. I feel like adding more run time might mean more chances for injury.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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