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    I’m doing the level 3 marathon plan and I’m on week 10. I did the RSS20 today. The blurb said to do the steady state between half marathon pace and marathon pace. My HMP is 5:54 and target marathon pace is 6:10 to 6:15.

    The pace zone the workout set for me though was 6:18 to 6:45 per mile.

    I duly ignored this and ran it at 6 min mile pace as this aligned with the instructions.

    My question is does it seem like my zones could be set incorrectly, all other Workouts seem the correct level of comfortably hard.



    David Warden


    A few thoughts:

    1. TP does not let us set a setup zone for “Marathon Pace” or any distance pace. We are limited to setting Zone 1, 2, 3… each as a % of threshold pace. Therefore, your individual marathon pace may vary from the set Zone X training pace. That part is normal. For some, Marathon pace is Zone 2, so they would also ignore the Zone X range and use their own pace as well.

    2. If your HM pace is 5:54, I’d put your Marathon at 6:20, not 6:15. 6:20 falls directly into your Zone X. But, that is assuming your running the Marathon maybe 6 weeks after the HM. If you’ve trained for 12+ weeks since your HM, I’d expect you to gain new fitness, and your actual marathon pace could be <6:15.

    3. Just because you can run 50 minutes at 6:00 doesn't mean you can run 3 hours at 6:00. You know this, just clarifying for other readers.

    4. The purpose of this workout is not to run the 50 minutes as fast as possible, it's to get to feel exactly what marathon pace will feel like. Run the next one at what you really think you'll maintain for the marathon.

    5. Yes, your current zones could be a bit low? But, again, go back to response #1 above. Don't put too much stock into Zone X as the perfect marathon pace, you could pull off a low Zone 3.



    Thanks David, appreciate the feedback. The half marathon was last year and I have a recent 10 mile at 5:43. The marathon is 9 weeks away (12 weeks from marathon) so hopefully 6:15 or better is on the cards.

    I have a 25km 5 weeks out from the marathon so that should help calibrate pace

    Let’s see 🤞

    Thanks again



    Hi David,

    Just wanted to give some feedback on my result. I ran an average pace of 6:14 per mile for my marathon and absolutely smashed my PB by 9 minutes on what was a tough course.

    I have never ran a marathon so comfortably, my last mile was my fastest. I think this was the first time I was fully trained for a marathon and the result showed that.

    Finished in 2 hours 45, delighted.

    I must admit I questioned parts of the plan but followed it regardless in the main.

    Just wanted to say thanks for answering the few questions I had and helping me deliver on my potential.


    David Warden

    Ray, I’m pleased and not surprised. 100,000+ plans sold don’t lie!

    But, 99% of the credit goes to you for your discipline in training and on race day. Well done!


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