long-distance B-races and training before main 70.3 Triathlon

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    My main event for the next year will be a 70.3 triathlon on September 3rd, and I’ve bought the 80/20 endurance subscription for this purpose. However, there is still a whole season in between and I want to a couple of other B-races before that. Mainly a marathon beginning of April at a very slow pace, the goal is finishing here. Wings for Life run in May, where I plan to run 30km+, and a 40k Swimrun in July, maybe a few sprint triathlons and 5k runs in the summer (but I guess those don’t matter much for the training plan).

    Shall I start with 70.3 training plan right away? If the marathon in April is in the way, I can skip that or shorten it to a half-marathon, but I want to keep Wings For Life as the starting event for the season. And if so, what shall I do the 12 weeks between the run and the 70.3 triathlon to maintain/improve fitness?

    One more question regarding the training plan schedule: What’s the best way to move the rest day to another day without shifting both long training days away from the weekend? I usually prefer Thursday as the rest day.

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    Leyla Porteous

    Hi M,

    I would recommend splitting your year into 2 peaks. One for the race in the first half of the season that is your A race and then the 70.3 in the second half of the season. This will help you select the right plans, and focus on the sport(s) you specifically are training for. Marathon training always goes well if you can follow a marathon training plan and you can always add in or substitute swim and bike on that plan. You can then apply your 70.3 plan the September end dat applied and start training specifically for it in the second half of the year.

    As a subscriber you can request those plans and ask any questions through the Subscriber Support Form\: https://www.8020endurance.com/subscription-support/



    Thanks L,

    I decided to stick with the level 1 70.3 plan for now and to skip the Marathon race (or do a low/medium intensity Half-Marathon instead) so I get used to triathlon training a bit more, since it’s my first triathlon training plan at all, and I’m quite new to swim and bike training. I plan to switch to level 2 for my A-race in September, if I feel like I can sustain the amount of training and time permits it (which is likely in spring/summer).


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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