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    I’m currently on 100 Mile Level 1. My race is on New Year’s Day. Unfortunately I have my Army Reserve weekend the weekend of my 4 hour run. I can do my 4:30 run just fine. For that weekend of my 4 hour run, the only time I can get in 4 hours will be with at least half of that run in the dark. If I run on the roads, I’ll be able to hit my targeted zone. If I run on the trail in the dark, it’ll be great practice for the night portion of my race, but it’ll be Zone 1 (at best).

    Do I aim for the targeted zone and run the road?

    Or, do I aim for the same terrain as my race and accept the slower/lower zone?

    FWIW, the two routes are really close to each other, so I can always start on one and finish on the other.

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