Long Runs with Speedwork

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    Just completed Half Marathon Level 1 and achieved a PB, but I faded over the last 3 miles, so could have been even better.

    About to start a Marathon plan ready for London this October. My question is are there only long runs with speedwork (i.e. fast finish/speed play) on the Level 2 plan or are they on Level 1 also? From the 80/20 running book these runs were in all levels of the marathon plan. I think this maybe why I tired in the last few miles of my half as I didn’t have any practice of running faster on tired legs.

    Also, I have a holiday planned for the middle 2 weeks of the upcoming marathon plan where I will be able to only run likely every other day (maybe up to 45 mins max each time). I’m guessing I should just maintain the 80/20 ratio in what running I am able to do?


    Leyla Porteous

    The Level 1 marathon plans from Training Peaks do not include any fast finish in the long runs. You can adapt from the book if you feel that fast finish sessions may help you – I would suggest adding them in the specific preparation phase after some good preparation training.
    A good approach to long runs to always pace in a way that you will run your last 1 mile as your fastest. This is great practice for pacing. Fading in the end of a marathon can be related to a lot of factors, such as slightly too fast in the front end and unable to maintain pace, breakdown in running posture (loss of efficiency) , nutrition and mindset (pushing through discomfort and neurological fatigue).
    For your vacation what you have suggested will be a good approach to maintain your fitness during your holiday.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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