Longest Run on Saturday and not Sunday – adjustments?

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    Hi people,

    I am once again reaching out for some advice 🙂

    I recently started my Marathon Level 3 plan.

    On week 11, instead of the recommended 39km Long Run, I am considering signing up for a full marathon nearby so I can at least enjoy a more cheerful experience (and add another medal which does not hurt)

    I have no problems holding back the pace and just enjoy my training run even in a racing atmosphere, so that’s not an issue.

    However, the marathon would be Saturday afternoon, so I am wondering whether or not I should slightly adjust the week leading up to it.

    The original week looks like this:
    MON: 40′ Recovery Run
    TUE: Critical Velocity Run (RCV12) | 40′ Recovery run
    WED: 60′ Foundation Run
    THU: 75′ Foundation Run
    FRI: Lactate Intervals Run (LIR9) | 40′ Recovery Run
    SAT: 60′ Foundation Run
    SUN: 39km Long Run

    What would you do in my position?

    Thanks in advance for any recommendation!


    In this scenario, I’d recommend shifting everything Thurs-Suday back a day and move Wednesday’s run to Sunday. Even better, if the following week has a recovery run on Monday, I’d move that to Sunday and then do the 60′ Foundation on Monday.

    Gerald Collins
    80/20 Certified Coach


    Hi Gerald,

    This is actually very similar to what I had in mind, good to know that I wasn’t too far off – it seems that the adjustments I need to make are quite clear now 🙂

    The following Monday would be a rest day, so I will rest on Sunday instead and do a Foundation Run (maybe a bit shorter, let’s see) on Monday.

    Thanks for the input!

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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