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    Hey y’all, I did the 20 min LTHR Test. Ended up with a 178 avg hr for the last 15min. So I based my workouts of this. This put my zone 2 much higher than I’m used to (used the old 180 – age). Also used this same 20 min shuttle run to find my run pace as well. I’m a novice runner and using 178 as my LTHR and 4:30/km makes my long runs feel pretty tough. Im moving on to week 4 of the marathon 1 program. I guess I’m just not sure how a true zone 2 should feel. Any input would be much appreciated!



    Zone 2 is generally associated with being able to hold a conversation with training partners and is about a min per km slower than goal marathon pace.

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    Ok that makes sense, I guess I disregard my HR zones based on LTHR and go by feel for the long runs?

    Leyla Porteous

    Hi A,
    If it feels too hard it is, even if the test gave you that result, you can do your training sessions at an effort much lower in the zone range. Zone 2 is a big zone, so be sure to do your low intensity sessions in that easier, conversational pace effort. As a new runner it is not uncommon to have some discrepancy in your fitness where you may be able to A the test, but those zones are not completely accurate for your longer sessions which would need to be done much easier.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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