Maintenance 3 weeks during holiday to Europe

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    Hi Guys,

    – I’m currently doing the level 1 70.3 plan in prep for Melbourne 70.3 on 12th November.
    – I started the plan on 19th June so i’m just starting week 5 today.
    – The plan is due to complete on 22nd October (3 weeks before Race day)
    – My holiday will commence half way through week 9 of the plan

    So I want to include some sort of maintenance program during the 3 weeks when I go on holiday to Europe. this will mainly consist of running as I won’t have bike unfortunately and I’m not sure how the swimming will be I’m hoping I can get out doing ocean swims.

    – Could you please give me some advice, and recommendations on what I should do during the 3 weeks.
    – Also Is it easy enough to push the whole 70.3 program forward by 3 weeks on Training peaks to allow me to insert a 3 week maintanance program.

    Thanks in advance


    Assuming you have a premium membership to Training Peaks it’s super easy to shift your plan. Right click on the first day you want to move and choose shift. You can then select a date range and various options to move things by days or weeks.

    Not a coach so I don’t feel comfortable giving you a “answer” for what you “should” be doing…but here are the options that come to mind that might work for you.

    As for the 3 week window. There are varoius running maintence plans or “build run endurance” plans you could choose from depending on the amount of milage you want to do / time you want to commit.

    There is also the new BRIDGE plans. There are various 3 week bridge plans that might work out well for this purpose.

    Lastly, no matter what you choose to do, I hope that you are able to enjoy the vacation and that you can priortize some good recovery and rest as well. Best of luck!

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    Thanks for the reply! Very much appreciated, and I am long looking forward to a great vacation/break and will definitely be getting some well earn rest and recovery!


    Just curious. Why do you have your plan ending 3 weeks before your race?


    Its not the plan to have the plan to end 3 weeks before race, that’s why I asked how you shift the program on training peaks, I’m going on a 3 week holiday on week 9, so I will shift the program 3 weeks from that date and during the holiday I will try and keep up with a running maintenance program and try and get some swimming in where I can.


    If you want to shift the plan, you’ll have to delete it and re apply it. When you delete it, your previous workouts you’ve completed should stay on your training peaks calendar. Your plan stays in your TP library.

    When you reapply your plan. You need to select to apply it with and end date not a start date. Select end and then select your race day and the plan will show up on your calendar ending on your race day.

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