Marathon 1 Plan complete. Recap

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    I decided to give 80/20 a try for my end of May Marathon. I completed the 80/20 build program in December/January and started the Marathon 1 plan at the end of January.

    One thing that was great was having my pace improve at the same heart rate. In January at a HR of 133 my pace was about 6:50 km. In May, that improved to a best of 6:15km. On average, it was 6:20 or so.

    I only missed 1 of the planned workouts due to a missed flight. So very consistent. I enjoyed the different variety of run workouts. Especially some of the faster stuff.

    For the race, I wasn’t sure what to expect, or even what pace to shoot for. I had conflicting ideas based on my previous HM times of 2:01 and 2:03. That projects to about a 4:15 marathon. I decided to play it safe and ran with the 4:45 pacer. Then at 30km pick up the pace. My HR was about 133 or so for the first half. At 30 km my HR was starting to rise to about 140+. So I decided to stay with the pacer. Finished at 4:43 so a 6:38km pace. Which was a little faster than my long run training. It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure. Wasn’t sure whether to be excited or disappointed with that time

    So I’m curious what’s next. Do I try the level 2 marathon plan which I understand has some marathon pace training in it that the level 1 lacked. Would that improve my time?

    I also remember seeing something about the new master plans. I don’t see them on the site yet though. Would that be more appropriate for a 60+ runner? I didn’t have any issues with running 6 days a week but I am inexperienced so wouldn’t know if I was getting enough recovery.

    Curious what the coaches think.

    Thanks again!

    Leyla Porteous

    Hi T,

    Congrats on your recent marathon performance. It sounds like you paced you race really well.

    We have some great resources to help with pacing for marathons. You can find them here:

    Race Pacing

    How to Set a Good Race Time Goal

    It is not absolutely necessary to move up a Level to get improvements. If your fitness has improved then even repeating the Level 1 plan will still provide the opportunity for continued fitness improvements. As a 60+ runner you will want to add in a running strength plan to your Level 1 marathon plan, and ensure you are incorporating recovery in your training. If you are comfortable running 6 days a week and recover well then the Level 1 plan will probably continue to work great for you. If start to find you need additional recovery or start to get niggle injuries then that is when you may want to consider a Masters plan with the 9 day micro-cycle.

    Coach Leyla

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