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    I looked ahead to marathon day and there is nothing scheduled in training peaks for that day. For those that have completed a marathon while using one of these training plans what did you do?

    Just start your watch and run by feel?

    Duplicate a marathon pace training run and increase the distance to cover the full 43 (or even longer given I understand many people hit the official distance before the goal line)?

    Try to setup your run to negative split or even split the run based on elevation changes using something like garmin pace pro?

    I’m probably over thinking all of this as I’ve been questioning a lot of my runs and fitness lately and desperately waiting for cooler weather to hit. I just keep telling myself to trust the process, everythig is going to be ok.


    Everything will be okay! Trust the process. Marathon training isn’t easy and I don’t think it’s unusual to question fitness and being prepared especially if it’s your first one.

    A few years ago, I used to create workouts for race day with a pace range (or power range once I switched to that metric). However, I no longer do that and I just go by feel.

    Two reasons I go by feel: 1.) I’m much better at feeling my paces and 2.) it’s better for me mentally. Though I think both reasons go hand in hand.

    If i was running faster than what I programmed, I would think to myself “I can’t keep this pace.” So I would slow down, when in reality I probably could keep the pace.

    Since going by feel, I’m racing faster now (though I am also fitter and faster generally thanks to 80/20).

    Another suggestion is running with a pace team if the event has them. They will keep you paced properly especially at the start when it’s so easy to go out too fast. If you feel like you can go faster in the later stages (the last 10k) you can always run ahead.

    Hope this helps.



    By the time you get to race day, you will have learned how you feel at a certain pace. Z2 should be very familiar by the time marathon day rolls around.

    I agree with the above suggestion of jumping in with a pace group. You should have a good idea of your sustainable pace based off of your workouts, and be able to make a good choice on which pace group would be best for you. The pace group’s main job is to get you to the finish line on time; however, if you feel like you have some left in the tank a few miles out, then go ahead and allow yourself to leave the pace group behind and push yourself to the finish line!

    Coach Anne

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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