Marathon during IM preparation (week 10)

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    Hi, the city where I live will host a marathon race that coincides with the Sunday of week 10 of my Ironman Level 1 plan. I appreciate that the effort to prepare and run a full marathon is quite higher than the progression of the plan (especially in the first ten weeks).
    Would you consider the race compatible with the plan (maybe with some adjustments)? Or would you advise sticking to the plan and just avoid the marathon?
    NOTE: ironman is my top priority for the season

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    Leyla Porteous

    Hi AP13,

    I would advice to stick with the plan as the Ironman is your priority. Adding in the marathon could results in either missing some key training sessions due to needing to taper and recover, or worse case and over-use injury. 6-8 weeks out from an Ironman is not a bad time frame to add in a B race is that would help with confidence and preparation, but I would not recommend a marathon at that time of the training.

    Coach Leyla


    Very clear! Thank you for your reply, Leyla.

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