Marathon is two weeks away, and I’m sick

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    I’m following the marathon level 2 plan. My race is two weeks from tomorrow, but I’m currently down and out with a brutal head cold (so far, it’s not COVID). It’s causing me to miss some big workouts — yesterday I missed R5k2 (5k race intervals), today it’s a foundation run, and tomorrow I am supposed to do my last big run before the race RMP6 (31km with 26 @ marathon pace). Right now, I can’t imagine getting that work out in tomorrow (but maybe I’ll come around?).

    All of this is less than ideal so close to the race. I haven’t missed one workout yet on the plan until now.

    Any suggestions on how to handle this – especially since the plan is hitting the taper phase.

    I’m hopeful I might be able to do some running tomorrow – but I’m not sure I can handle that big run (and I don’t want to wear down my system anymore).

    If I can’t get out tomorrow, I’m really hopeful that I can pick up the plan on Monday – but I will likely have missed those big workouts.

    Thanks all!

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Sorry you’re not feeling well. There’s no need to panic, however. Your consistency up to this point has given you a margin to absorb this setback without major consequences for your race. I recommend that you ease back into training in a cautious manner that doesn’t create undue risk of drawing out your illness, aiming to get that marathon-pace run in next weekend. That will restore your confidence. Good luck!


    Thanks so much for the encouragement and prompt reply. I’ll follow that advice for sure.



    Hey! I’m in this exact situation! Finally recovering from a week of high fever and missing out on the key 31k/26MP workout that is supposed to be tomorrow.

    Just to make sure I understand correctly, the advice is to take it easy but still do this key workout next weekend? I.e. 1 week from race?

    How did this go?

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    When sickness happens close to a race, it can be a bit of a blow.  As Matt states above in his reply to another sick athlete, ease back in to training without causing undue stress to your body.  Aim to get that next big workout in next weekend if possible.  Your consistency with training up until this point will have great benefit in aiding with this setback.

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Coach Anne

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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