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    Hi all,

    I’m running the London Marathon next year on 23 April, and I’m planning on the 100km Race to The Stones on 8th July (11 weeks later).

    Is it sensible to push on through after my Level 2 marathon plan and follow a 100km plan? Or should I take a break? I’m aiming for a sub-3 in London, so I’ll take a recovery week anyway, but just wondered what the experts think is the best approach.

    Thank you!


    As you second event is longer, you should be fine to have recovery week after the London Marathon, a transition week, and then start your specific build for the 100km event. You will have a good base of fitness to do this from and as long as you give yourself that recovery time, should be in a good position to increase volume for the next event. After which I would recommend a longer recovery cycle.


    Thanks Leyla,

    What would you recommend for the transition week? And then should I just join the 80/20 100km plan for its final nine weeks?



    This can be a transition week from the general preparation phase of your training, with lower volume but still some short intensity intervals.


    Thank you


    Hi there!

    Piggybacking off of this question. Is there a minimum amount of time that should be taken between a marathon and a 100k. I am torn between doing a marathon next spring and attempting a 65mi FKT trail (it would be more about going the distance versus speed). If I wanted to race the marathon using the marathon level 2 plan how many weeks of 100k build would be necessary? Or is it possible to race the marathon as a tune up while training for the 100k distance?

    Thanks! Heather

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    Hi Heather,
    If the 100k is your main race then it would be possible to include the marathon in your 100 km training block. Depending on how long a marathon will take you it could replace any one of the Endurance Runs in the 100 Km Plan.

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