Marathon Training Around a Disney World Trip

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    Hi all,

    I’m training for the Philadelphia Marathon on Nov. 20th and going to Disney World with my 11 year old daughter and husband from Aug 19-27th. This trip is huge for my daughter and I don’t want my training to interfere with our trip, but I also don’t want to sabotage my training. My 80/20 level zero plan has me doing a 2:20 9.32 mile run that first Sunday the 21st of August. I know we’ll also be walking at least 10 miles in the parks each of our 9 park days. How would you suggest I adapt my training so that I’m not totally worn out but also not setting myself back? That long run is our first full magic kingdom day and I’ll need my stamina for the time in the park. I don’t want my daughter to resent the running on account of it messing up our Disney plans. The rest of the runs during the week seem totally doable even with the rest of the walking during the day.

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    Well, looking at the big picture, if you reduce the training for these few days, you will still be fine. Running only 1h or not at all will not make or break your marathon. Of course, consistency etc. is important, but as most of us aren’t professional athletes and, as you know, have a life beyond the sport we love, it all needs to be in perspective.
    I don’t know the exact workouts for the Level 0 Marathon plan so it’s hard to make a detailed proposal, but believe me, that shortening workouts or even skipping a few (even if it is the long run) will not cause any major setbacks. Is it ideal? No, but many athletes have some sort of issues and only very few can follow a plan without ever adjusting.
    Enjoy your vacation, run when you feel you have time and don’t stress yourself.


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    Thanks for the feedback. I wonder if I should start the 18 week plan a week early and just do maintenance runs during that week? My plan technically starts on July 18 so I could just bump it up to July 11. I’m thinking I might do that.

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