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    Into my third micro cycle of the Level III 5K plan.

    My impression is that the plan meets the needs of the older population of runners. I categorize myself not as an older runner, but an elderly runner at 75+.

    I entered into the plan a bit under conditioned for the level III plan. I am getting through the workouts, but the hard workouts are just that – HARD. The initial two cycles keep the double workouts as optional, and I did need to drop one of the optionals.

    Recoveries are still a challenge, possibly because I wasn’t properly conditioned to the plan I chose. I did find that I needed to significantly reduce a couple of foundation runs by just putting in the time, even below the lower limit of Level I, but that did allow me to recover sufficiently to meet the objectives of the hard workouts.

    At this point I would suggest a more comprehensive description of the prerequisites for a given plan level. For example, the hill workout in the second microcycle of my plan really put a load on muscles not usually engaged with easy running – my butt hurt for days!

    I really appreciate 80/20 for making these plans available. They work. I think you have nailed it for the master runners!

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