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    A few questions about how to measure if I am training correctly adhering to 80/20 split of intenisty

    1. Is there an easy way to measure or get the numbers from training peaks for each discipline weekly?

    2. Which is the best metric to use for measurement? – am focusing on Bike-Power, Run-Pace and Swim-Pace

    3. When using the above measurements, I find my HR is in a lower zone – for example if I train at zone 3 power on the bike, my HR will likely be in zone 2 – so should I use HR or Power for example?

    4. When measuring time in zones – to then calculate % – is it just the time spent in that zone – OR – for example if I am doing zone 3 intervals – is it total time from start of interval one to end of last interval (including recovery time) – 3 x 10min Z3, 3 min Z1 – = either 30mins Z3 OR is is 36mins Z3?

    I am in the process of reading 80/20 triathlon book and maybe the answer is later in the book – but keen to follow the methodology correctly.

    5. If I did lactate tests to find my threshold – I assume that would be the most accurate way of establishing zones – but how different is that compared to performing the protocols in the resources (i.e. performing 20min power\pace tests etc.)

    Thanks for your support.


    Leyla Porteous

    Hi Cmlracing75. I will do my best to give you some answers to your questions.

    1> You can use the dashboard and add the time in zones chart to see how long you spent in each zone for HR, power etc. You can then get a good idea of how much you spent in zone 1/2 and how much time in 3-5.

    2. I think the best metric is the one that makes sense to you and the one you can easily use. At the end of the day the absolute best is actually RPE (based on feel) but that’s easier said than done. The metrics you are using are very good. Some people like to use run power. Here is a link to our article on the differences in metrics.

    3. I would use power for your bike training there are many factors that can impact your HR, cooler temps, lower cadence cycling, indoor vs outdoor etc.

    4. The 80/20 rule is a little higher level than at the interval level and I would suggest assessing your 80/20 time in zone over a 7 day cycle rather than session by session.

    5. Which lactate test did you do? Lab tests? If so then yes these are very accurate. the resource above also covers testing for each intensity metric.

    Hope this is helpful.



    thanks for the responses 🙂

    I haven’t done a lactate test – but considering it to get an accurate measure of Lactate Threshold

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