Metabolic Adaptation

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    Just curious on everyone’s thoughts on this. I have been in a weight plateau for several months. I typically track calories everyday and calculated my maintenance calories at around 2350. I was on one of the weight management tri programs from November until January. I started a tri race prep mid January and probably burn an additional 300-500 or so calories per day depending on the days workout. I feel like I should be losing weight still but I’m fearful my body is adapted to lower calories and I don’t want to keep lowering them. Any suggestions? I’m 6’1 220 and roughly 26-27% body fat. I did a good weight training program over the fall and most of winter as well. I’m going to get more protein in my diet and try to Crack down more on the calorie counting too.



    I’m not a fan of calorie counting. It’s tedious, and unless you are weighing your portions, and know exactly how your meal was prepared, really inaccurate. I did it years ago when I was predominately a weightlifter and it works, but…

    If you are restricting your calories too much it will be reflected in you workout performance, so you might want to look over your training logs.

    When I switched to running six years ago and needed to get my weight and body composition commensurate with running I chose the outline in Matt’s “Racing Weight” book. I drifted to the “My Plate” planning which is similar to the Racing Weight diet quality philosophy, but a bit looser and more practical for me. I would also weight my self every day. That, with all of the 80/20 Endurance running helped to safely drop 40+ pounds.

    I’ve stopped weighing myself daily and only check weekly. I found that knowing my weight each day could cause me to restrict calories too much, drifting to what I consider an unhealthy body fat level (below 10%). I can now understand just how easy it is to slip into an eating disorder. Be careful.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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