Middle ground: Ultra 100k Level 1 – 2

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    A bit of short background:

    I was Ironman athlete, 50-miler until 2012 when I took a break. Kept working out just not rigorously or structured. I’m came to 80/20 from doing 6 months of structured multi-sport training that was 7 days a week.
    May 2021- Aug 2021, 7 days/wk 2 weeks on/1 off cycle,
    Sept – Dec 2021, 7 days/wk 3 weeks/1 off cycle
    Usually 2-3 days a week running, 3-4 cycling, 2 rowing. strength was also a part of it 2x week

    I plan to run an ultra and signed up for the 100k Level 1 plan with strength. The shift is increasing my body’s capacity to adapt to running and recovering. I’m in week 2 and notice next week is already a recovery week which feels early. The volume so far has been fine, could go up a little.

    I’m wondering if I switch to the Level 2 plan OR
    change the cycle in the Level 1 plan to 3 on/1 off, see how I feel and if still feeling easy move up to Level 2.

    Thoughts on this?


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    Matt Fitzgerald

    No matter which plan you’re on, the training load should feel “too light” in the first few weeks. If it doesn’t, it’s almost guaranteed to feel too heavy later on. This is not to say you couldn’t handle Level 2, but I am cautioning you not to assume you need to make a change.


    Thank you, Matt, I hear you on that.

    What would you recommend I use to assess whether to move up to Level 2 or otherwise alter the plan?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Look ahead to Weeks 16 and 17 and assess how challenging they are likely to be for you given your recent and extended training history. If you think the workload will be close to your maximum tolerance, stay patient and stick with the plan. If you feel that even those peak weeks will be kind of easy once you get to them, switch to Level 2.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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