Missed cycling/swimming 5 weeks out

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    I’m contemplating IM70.3 Indian Wells Dec. 5. Problem is I have a week long vacation planned 5 weeks prior. This would mean no swimming or cycling from Sat. 5 weeks out to Sat. 4 weeks out.

    First, how big an impact do you think this would have on overall result. I’m not so worried about the swim as that’s my best discipline.

    Second, how would you adjust that weeks training.

    Also, race is about 18 weeks out. As a 55 year old 5:30 HIM guy would you suggest Level 0 or Level 1 for the plan.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Not a huge deal. I’ve coached many athletes through similar interruptions and they’re always pleasantly surprised. You’ll want to reduce your run volume and increase your bike and swim volume immediately before and after your vacation. Nothing radical, but enough to attenuate your losses. And if you happen to have a set of resistance cords, take those with you to keep your swimming muscles in shape.

    Plan selection shouldn’t really be based on age or performance level. Instead it should be based on your personal training history and schedule. You’ll want to choose a plan that stretches you a bit but that you know you can handle. With our level guarantee, you’re not stuck if you choose a poor fit initially.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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